akhirnya selesai.. selamat melihat-lihat!!

fiuhh.. baru selesai ngedata.. banyak amat.. akhirnya!!! Myrrrr distribution berjalan kembali setelah vakum kelamaan… mampir – mampir ke “toko” ya!!!!! –> www.shop.myrrrr.com

Official Distribution From Humpty Dumpty Records:

(cd’s are imported from Belgia)

Mièle – Avril
Mièle is born in 1999, when Stéphane Daubersy and Catherine De Biasio met, who composed the first drafts of their french songs.
When they are joined by Grégory Remy they win a contest organized by Radio 21 (today Pure FM) and their song is present on the compilation “the 5 hours” Thanks to the digital recorder that they win, they carry out their first demo. Rp.65.000 More

Tangtype – Flake Out

On`Flake Out’, the Tangtype duet (a girl, a boy, a billion sound possibilities) invites us to a disconcerting and intense journey in the heart of their atypical universe. All along the nine tracks that constitute the album, Tangtype creates a contrasted pop with exploded structures influenced by jazz music, while reconciling electronic experimentation and melody obviousness. Rp.65.000 More

Tazio & Boy – Note-book

Hi we’re Tazio & Boy and we’re from France. We poorly play as many instruments as we can, and we both sing. Sometimes, we write songs together, sometimes one of us writes a song, and the other messes around with it. We like Smog and Nina Simone, Low and Stars Of The Lid, but we have too many records to make a list right now… We created a CD-R micro-label called My Little Cab Records and released something like 10 albums together, before being signed by the sweet Belgian label Humpty Dumpty Records. Rp.65.000 More


Official Distribution From Minority Records:

(cd’s are imported from checz rep.)

The Tall Ships – Paint lines on your glasses look up at the stars and play them as notes
The Tall Ships’ compositions tend toward linear movement, relating to the simplicity of Codeine, while the more complex moments articulate a breath comparable to Blonde Redhead or Rodan. The Tall Ships features Steve Kuhn, formerly of two outstanding bands Glendale and Cole. Moreover, Darren Zentek [Kerosene 454, Channels] is featured in several tracks on drums. Rp 85.000
Michael Nace – The voyage out
Well-crafted songs from a postmath, postrock perspective. There are some well-orchestrated pieces within this CD that make it very beautiful. Nace takes his experiences from Drill For Absentee, with help from folks also from DFA, New Wet Kojak, and Shudder To Think, and puts out a grade “A” product that is relaxing and refreshing. Rp 85.000
Waawe – Timestorm was the signal
Bridging the gap between Sonic Youth, Spiritualized, Warser Gate, Can and Mother Goose. Could you think of anything that represents a postmodern mix at the end of the millenium better than a peaceful, romantic heartache mixed with hard electronic guitar riffs, secret codes vs. nature and symbiotically being predatorily honest? Rp.85.000


di blog bisa di streaming lagunya untuk didengerin…

buat temen2, bantuin informasiin ke yang lain ya!

terima kasih!



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